Lottery FAQ's

The Housing Choice Voucher program at Adams County Housing Authority (ACHA) is a Lottery based application process. The dates of the lottery will change yearly and are posted in the legal section of the newspaper on our recorded lotto line at 303-227-2743 as well as posted on our website at

Lottery cards submitted within the time frame allotted will be entered into ACHA’s database. Throughout the year random drawings will be held as ACHA has available vouchers.

Who can apply?
All interested applicants over the age of 18 years of age and older.


Do I have to live in Adams County to apply?  
No, you do not have to live in Adams County to apply, however if you are a non-resident applicant, you will be required to lease a unit within Adams County Housing Authorities jurisdiction for the first 12 months after you receive your assistance!


Can I submit more than one lottery card?  
No, if you submit more than one card you will be disqualified. Multiple cards will be destroyed.


What do I do if I have changes?
It is your responsibility to notify ACHA in writing of any changes. The changes must include your Name, Social Security number and Lottery card number.


What if my number gets drawn, am I guaranteed assistance?
Applicants are selected through a random lottery drawing. If an applicant’s number is drawn he/she will be notified by mail to complete the application and formal eligibility processing.


This includes meeting the eligibility income requirements:
• Completion of the application and all other necessary forms

• Submission of all required documents: Photo ID’s, Birth Certificates/Social Security cards and verification of court awarded custody.

• Provide verification of Eligible Immigration status – If not a US citizen, verification documenting legal residency of the United States and or verification of Eligible Immigration status.

• Pass criminal background check- applicants must not have engaged in any criminal activity within the last 36 months/3 years as reported by the Colorado Beau of Investigations CBI.  


What happens if my number doesn’t get drawn?  
Lottery cards are valid for 12 months and will be destroyed if not selected within 12 months of submission. Interested parties are encouraged to re-apply every year.


Denial of assistance  
If an application is denied the applicant is notified by mail and given the opportunity to request an informal hearing.


What if I need reasonable accommodation?  
Reasonable Accommodation requests can be made at 303-227-2013