Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Mission of the Adams County Housing Authority (ACHA) Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is to bring low-income families into increased economic self-sufficiency, to foster independence from government-subsidized assistance, and to promote development for a better quality of life.

Extensive resources are available to FSS participants through a variety of agencies in Adams County and throughout the Denver metro area. The activities and services provided to the FSS participants are varied according to the participant’s needs. The FSS Coordinator performs outreach throughout the year to identify additional resources that can be made available to participants. The following services are currently available to eligible program participants: case management, child-care, medical services, Head Start, Housing assistance, child support enforcement/custody, substance/alcohol abuse treatment and counseling, mental health treatment, transportation, remedial education, vocation rehabilitation, high school and post-secondary, career exploration and training, job development and placement, parenting skills, money management skills, household skills and management and others as needed.